The 3 Hair Colors Every L.A. Girl Will Have This Spring

What defines an L.A. girl? Sure, residing in the city of Los Angeles counts, but there's something more to it-something we can't quite put our finger on. French girls have their je ne sais quoi, New York girls have their understated cool, and L.A. girls-well, L.A. girls have that inherent sunniness that's both effortless and enviable. When we think L.A., we think of beachy waves, tanned skin, and frayed denim cutoffs-the Marissa Coopers and Blake Livelys of the world, if you will. And call us biased, but we think the beauty world is catching on and taking a cue from the breezy West Coast.

Take hair color, for instance. The harsh, streaky highlight trend of the '90s (#neverforget) has graduated to a newer aesthetic that's decidedly lower-maintenance and L.A.-inspired. First, there was ombré, a gradual fade from dark to light, which turned into balayage, then vacation hair, and now L.A. girls are crazy about “lived-in color,” a phrase dreamed up and trademarked by top colorist Johnny Ramirez, co-founder of Ramirez Tran salon. This type of hair color is exactly as the name implies-subtle, comfortable, and naturally lightened by beach days, glistening from every angle.

Speaking of which, there's perhaps no better time to update your strands than spring, the in-between season that has us itching for change. We reached out to Ramirez and asked him to share the lived-in, L.A.-inspired shades anyone can try, regardless of their location. Whether you're ready for a hair color change or just want to see what's trending here in the City of Angels, you'll want to keep scrolling-just don't blame us if you're suddenly tempted to call your colorist.

Keep scrolling for the three hair colors every L.A. girl will have this spring!


For Blondes: Try Cool Blond Babylights

For darker blondes, Ramirez suggests updating your hair color with a few well-placed cool blond babylights. “This trend is perfect for spring because it allows you to lighten up your look and add that extra pop of color for dimension,” he says.


Another perk of babylights: Dark roots aren't a problem. In fact, they're encouraged. “The dark roots give it that beachy, lived-in look that can last you until summer,” Ramirez says. So go ahead-grow those guys out.


For Brunettes: Try Brond

Brond-a perfect blend of blond and brown-is every L.A. girl's favorite hair color for spring. Why? For natural brunettes, it infuses soft, sun-kissed strands and brightens up your entire complexion; for blondes, it tones down brassiness and allows you to grow out your darker roots worry-free. “For brunettes, I suggest going for deep roots with lighter blond or brond strands,” Ramirez says. “The trend is perfect for spring and super flattering on anyone with light to olive skin.”


After adding some well-placed brond throughout your strands, you'll notice another benefit: You'll look more youthful. Dark, ashy colors can age you, so adding pops of lighter color around your face will take years off your appearance.


For Redheads: Try Strawberry Hues

Ramirez suggests amping up the color for natural redheads by infusing strawberry undertones into your hair color. “This trend is perfect for spring because of its warm, reddish hue,” he explains. “The color reflects beautifully when the sun hits it, and it stands out against light skin.”


But strawberry red isn't restricted to the super pale-it looks equally stunning on darker and olive skin tones. Add in richer chestnut shades to bring out depth and dimension and to make the lighter face-framing strands really pop.

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