Hate Dieting? Here's How to Lose 4 Pounds (but Not Your Mind)


The flip side to being a total bride-chilla is that the big day sneaks up on you-and you might find that, like me, you'll feel entirely unprepared. Sure, the big boxes have been ticked (everyone will hopefully turn up and then be fed and watered), but a month before my wedding day, the fear of being photographed-and having to live with those photographs forever-arrived.

I had been pretty healthy since the beginning of the year but not strict enough to enforce a workout or diet plan that would result in me looking and feeling my best. Life got busy, and my schedule didn't exactly fall in line with some crazy three-month juice plan or a daily boot-camp regimen. Many brides tone up, shed pounds and become the most glowing version of themselves-drastic action was required.

Up steps a delivery detox to the rescue. Byrdie Editorial Director Amy Lawrenson was there in my hour of need (read: meltdown), suggesting that I try Fresh Fitness Food. This London-based bespoke meal service tailors the various daily deliverable formats to your needs, and following a consultation (both via a form and a more personal phone call), my two-week cleanse was set. What worked? What didn't? Would I recommend it to any brides-to-be?

Keep reading to see the pros and cons of signing up for a pre-wedding detox…

Fresh Fitness Food

You still get to eat

As someone who lives to eat instead of eating to live, it was important to me that I wasn't a hungry, angry, why-did-I-ask-her-to-marry-me kind of woman in the lead up to the nuptials.

There are eight different packages you can choose from, ranging from fat loss-specific programmes through to those that can make you your most energetic and focused at work. I opted for the Wellness PackageВ (from ВЈ25 per day), which centers around nourishment: While you'll still find a very small calorie deficit-something that has also run in tandem with my increase in exercise-there wasn't a single moment where I felt hungry.

The meals revolve around a lot of meat and perfectly cooked vegetables, and-as a self-confessed toast addict-I didn't find myself craving carbohydrates one jot. The process made me realise that my past attemps at calorie-counting sometimes resulted in poor decisions-you really can eat more and be healthier.

It gives you extra brain power

And by this, I don't mean that I suddenly became a genius, but not having to think about what to cook each night or buy for lunch freed up some space in my mind to focus on other more important things, like pulling ahead on my work in order to feel comfortable about the fortnight I'll have out of the office. Having one less thing to worry about makes it far easier to stay on track with eating clean, even if my S.O. sat at home most nights with a (rather delicious-looking) takeaway…

Don't be afraid to give feedback

I had some tricky dietary requirements thanks to a host of allergies, but FFF was not phased. In addition to this, the company does check in with you to see whether there are meals you have (or haven't) liked so far. My advice? Be vocal! I had a three-day run of a breakfast I really didn't enjoy, and I wish I had spoken up sooner. The team can't always action changes right away, but they'll endeavour to amend the plan to your needs as quickly as possible.

I did lose some weight and see my skin tone improve

I was delighted to shed four pounds following this detox-and that's been a pesky four pounds I've been trying to shift all year. I can't guarantee that it was down to this plan alone, but it does seem like a rather good coincidence… On another note, my skin appeared clearer and more radiant, despite this pre-wedding period being a stressful one.

It's made me realise what i need more of in my diet

The handy guide provided to you at the beginning of your plan highlights some of the benefits of the food that you'll be likely to eat over the coming days-I didn't realise the many benefits of cruciferous super-veg like cabbage. For example, it's rich in folate, vitamins C and E, and fibre, or that I could actually digest a lot more (quality) meat than I had previously without feeling lethargic.

Don't worry too much about the order of your meals

Some days, I was thoroughly confused: a white fish meal with vegetables for breakfast? Hmm. I tried to work around some unusual combinations as best I could, but if you're a traditionalist like me, maybe make it clear from the get-go that'll you want an obvious difference between your three main meals and for it to be mapped out on your daily printed menu.

Fresh Fitness Food packages cost from ВЈ20 per day.

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