Bianca Bartolo Could Take You on the Best Tour Around Berlin


Welcome to our new series for May, Drop a Pin. In keeping with this month's theme, Byrd's Eye View, we'll be taking a tour of the year's top travel destinations-those places everyone on your Instagram feed seems to be visiting right now-and asking beauty-obsessed locals for their expert recommendations. From the best place to shop indie beauty brands, to the studios to sweat your way through the latest workout crazes via the brunch spots to be seen in, consider your holiday itinerary sorted.

First up, we spoke to Bianca Bartolo of Street Haus-an Australian beauty blogger who now lives in Berlin. With an incredible set of brows, ultra-glowy skin and the dreamiest chin-grazing curly bob, Bartolo's feed is one of our most archived. And considering her knowledge of beauty products is so impressive, we thought we'd tap her for the best beauty spots Berlin has to offer.

Where Do You Get Your Hair Cut in Berlin?


"I would only ever go to one salon in Berlin, and that's ESHK Hair. I see head stylist Amy, who's from the UK. She's really easy to talk to and cuts a killer 'do. The salon is located right in the heart of the kiez (aka neighbourhood) where I live called Neukölln. It's a super-hip suburb, and with a typical shabby-chic Berlin décor, the salon fits right in. One side is a record store, which almost makes my pre-appointment coffee wait time as enjoyable as the haircut itself."

Where Do You Get Your Nails Done in Berlin?


"I prefer to do my own nails, but if I were to visit a salon, I would book an appointment at Treat Beauty Loft. Its signature nail polish collection is vegan, made without heaps of those nasty-smelling chemicals like formaldehyde that you find in most polishes, and its cult following is what kicked off the salon group, so it's now in three locations around Berlin."

Where Do You Shop for Indie Beauty Brands in Berlin?


"The Lovely Day Botanicals store in my neighbourhood is a natural beauty haven and a very aesthetically pleasing store I low-key would not mind moving into. All the products are totally vegan, made in Berlin and housed in the most beautiful packaging. The Oliveda flagship store located in the shopping hub of Weinmeisterstrasse has a super-chic, minimal interior and is another natural beauty fave of mine. My dry skin loves the idea of using products made with olive leaf cells, and at the moment, I've got my eye on the F63 Cell Active Face Oil for my next purchase."

Where Are the Best Wellness Spots in Berlin?


"Germans really love a good sauna or spa session, so wellness is well and truly alive in B-town. If you want to relax and also enjoy a killer view of Berlin, then Club Olympus at the Hyatt in Tiergarten will have your back. If you're feeling very hip and want to enjoy extra levels of Berlin-style zen, the dim lights and warm salt water at Liquidrom are a good bet."

What New Fitness Studios Should We Check Out?


"If you're not already a member of Soho House, the new fitness membership du jour is with Urban Sports Club. For a monthly fee, you can visit hundreds of different studios in Berlin and attend the yoga, dance, CrossFit or even martial arts class of your choice just by checking in on the app. The premium package even includes a bunch of spas and saunas. It's a nice supplement to your normal gym membership and gives you the flexibility to vary your exercise game. Yay for trying new things."

Who Does the Best Facials in Berlin?


"If you're feeling bad and bougie, Treat Beauty Loft does great nails and facials. You can book a service at the Hotel Zoo, KaDaWe luxury department store or its Prenzlauer Berg location. I recently discovered derma-rolling, so my facial of choice would be the luxe anti-ageing skin lift and glow treatment featuring both derma and jade rollers. It's also a great place to shop Berlin beauty brands like Merme or Lovely Day Botanicals."

Where Are the Best Brunch Spots in Berlin?


"This one is a no-brainer. For brunch purposes in Berlin, Roamers is hands down my go-to. The bubble effect in Berlin's suburbs means once you find a neighbourhood, you rarely venture out. But I swear people travel cross-kiez for what is arguably some of the best smashed avocado and hummus in town. The tiny, rustic cafГ© is nestled between Sonnenallee and Karl-Marx Strasse, and on the aesthetic front, is serving some strong Western-meets-Californian realness. On the weekend, it's always packed, but I almost always think it's worth the wait."

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