How This ASOS Insider Keeps Her Bleach-Blonde Hair Looking Healthy

Introducing The Hair Enquiry, our deep dive into the rituals, routines, and habits behind some of the most enviable hair to ever grace Instagram. We see it as our public duty to ask the questions others are too shy to, so we've set ourselves on the mission to probe our exceptionally haired subjects and uncover exactly what they do that makes their great hair so great, right down to the very last product. This week, we spoke to London-based influencer and ASOS social executive Lotte Williams.


If you were under the illusion that going bleach blonde was going to require a 13-step haircare routine and biweekly salon trips, Lotte Williams's hair story might just surprise you. Yes, she invests in some pretty sturdy products, but all in all, her regimen is pretty low-key. Here, she shares every single thing she does to her hair, which-believe it or not-it isn't even that much.

On her hair journey

"I'm a super-indecisive person, which means I change my hair A LOT. I started dyeing it when I was 18 and have pretty much never stopped. I've been dark, ginger, bleach, and everything in between. I'm surprised my hair is still here, to be honest.

"I'm quite lucky in the sense that my natural hair is just an inoffensive mousey brown with a barely-there wave, meaning it's incredibly easy to manage, but I think that was the problem: It was too simple, and I always craved something less plain.В

"In terms of cut, I now prefer it short, but like most people, I'm forever struggling with the age-old question: To fringe or not to fringe? Last week I decided to fringe, and so far, I'm happy with my decision. I think the dyeing has removed the wave from my hair-now it's super straight. I'd quite like to pop that back if I could, along with a bit more volume."


On hair maintenance

"To get my hair cut, I'll either go to Blue Tit and Bebop, which are London-based salons. One of my favorite stylists is Pont Smith, who opened Bebop at the start of this year-he really seems to get my hair. The last time I went to the hairdresser's, I was being really indecisive (obviously), so I went in with two options. Either a soft '70s fringe and a trim, or a blunt chop back up to my chin. I took a fully loaded Pinterest board and discussed options with the stylist, and we met somewhere in the middle.

"At my last appointment, I was after a much cooler, lighter blonde, but sometimes I like something warmer, like a champagne. There was a phase when I was getting it colored every two months, but I'm trying to give it a bit of a break and just embracing the roots for a while. I haven't seen a full natural head of color in about 10 years, which is pretty crazy. So I'm thinking of growing out the blonde and reverting back! Who knows how long that will last, though."


On hair washing

"When it comes to washing, at the moment I'm using a really nice blonde shampoo from R + Co that smells DIVINE, plus all its products are paraben- and sulphate-free. Then I use a conditioner from the Pureology range that's super lightweight and leaves my hair feeling so soft, even after all this bleach!"

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"I try and wash my hair every few days, which means I go through dry shampoo by the bucketload. I stick with good old Batiste, I've tried others but I thinkВ it's is the best for blondes especially.

"Sometimes-if it still looks cute-I'll leave it for as long as I can. I find my hair color really varies. One day it's more yellow and then-for no reason whatsoever-it's suddenly more white! I've just got back from holiday and noticed the sun has really brightened it up, which saves me a trip to the salon for a toner. When I get my hair done, I usually get them to apply Olaplex, but I don't do anything extra at home. I probably should, though!"


On Hairstyling

"I'm not a morning person, so I usually get up as late as possible and leave it to dry naturally, but sometimes I might add a bit of salt spray to give it texture and volume. If I have to blow-dry it, I usually tip my head upside down give it as much volume as possible. Ever since I went shorter, I've loved playing around with hair accessories. It's such a simple and pretty way of adding another layer to your look. I've always loved wearing them because it takes me back to the baby Lotte days when I had headbands and scrunchies galore."


On hair icons

"Again, this changes from day to day, but Margot Robbie is a solid bet, and I'm quite obsessed with Dua Lipa's new bob too."

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