Maya Jama Relies on This "Basic" Routine When Her Skin Doesn't Behave

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We've all been there: the moment our skin is great and we're loving life, we break out. Presenter and DJ Maya Jama has been dealing with just that scenario, but she discovered a simple two-step routine that has stopped her skin from misbehaving. The best part? The two products together cost just ВЈ26.

Jama revealed in the Instagram post below that she has been using Dove Beauty Cream Bar (you can get it for under £1 per bar) to wash her face and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream (£25), and that's it. “My skin has been behaving since I started using less despite drinking an eating shit lol” she says.

Let's be honest: Jama must have pretty good genes to be able to drink and eat whatever she likes and get such great results from such a stripped-back routine. But even if you do eat your five fruits and veggies a day and drink eight glasses of water, her “less is more” approach is not to be sniffed at if you do find yourself suffering from a breakout. It is so easy to panic-buy tons of active products that promise clear, glowing skin when it all goes wrong, but streamlining your routine, giving your skin a rest, and then building back up can work wonders. In the past, I have detoxed my routine too-relying on just a cleanser, serum and SPF-and found my skin was more hydrated and happier after a few weeks.

Usually, Jama isn't afraid of a face mask and singing a silly song.

“I've found that there is no correct routine for everyone as we all have different skin an it depends on hormones n diet n bla bla but I've found less is more recently (not an expert but it's working over here, this is also not an ad)” says Jama.

Shop Jama's go-to skincare duo and a few of my stripped-back essentials below.

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