This Is the Nail Color to Wear in August, According to Astrology

You know what horoscopes are-but what aboutВ colorscopes? Color astrology is based on the belief that certain hues have the power to calm, energize, encourage, and ground you based on your unique astrology sign. And what better way to wear (and see) this color than to display it on your nails? To kick off this series, we want to introduce you to Rose Theodora, astrologer and color expert. With a neuroscience and art history degree from UCLA, Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she shares the power color you should be wearing on your nails, as well as the specific shades and finishes for your own sign. Enjoy!

The color: gold

The gist: August is a profound month with a lot of change. There will be a lunar eclipse on the 18th, which means that we'll all have to let go of distance. There is a reason that we tend to feel excluded; whatever it is, it likely has to do with self-acceptance, so let that all go. On the 30th, Mercury will go retrograde again! So wrap up your finances and contracts early if you can, before the 20th. Other than that, it's a playful, creative month-so make the most out of it.

Fertile endeavors: August means embracing your inner creativity, and this could be giving birth to something, so to speak. You've been working very hard, and it's time to enjoy what you've created. You'll need to make a decision regarding your future and life philosophy. How have you been living your life so far?

 Your power shade this month is…

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Wearing this golden, sheen shade helps you to focus on your heart's truest desires.

Family matters: You may be thinking about relocating this month, and now would be the time to do so. Try not to stress about those things-they have a way of working themselves out. Try to connect with family more-you may learn something. New expenses surface, but they're well worth it. Be brave and take a chance.

Your power shade this month is…

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Wearing this refined shade of gold is just your speed.В

Ideas: Share your ideas with the world. Be yourself (socially well versed) and create more freedom for your writing. (If you aren't currently doing something career-wise that involves communication, try a little.) August is a familiar month to you because you feel a natural sense of ease with who you are and how you act naturally.

Your power shade this month is…

Nars Nail Polish in Pastorale $20Shop

Communing with this rose shade of gold inspires you.

Money and resources: This month, you are becoming financially focused. August is the best time to pay off debts. Consider making big purchases during the first half of the month because your head is finally in the right responsible place. You are no longer entirely emotionally driven by security-you want it, but you are also redefining what security means to you.

Your power shade this month is…

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You'll be feeling this shade of muted gold-it's chic, it's simple, it's you.

Happy birthday! It's your creative haven month-a creative break, finally. You should expect to see some exciting changes. You've been working so hard the past two years, and you will begin to see some of those accolades, or financial rewards, trickle in toward the end of the month. Be open to what your partner has planned for you-you'll like it!

Your power shade this month is…

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This rose gold shade is just your speed and more.

Self-care: You may feel overwhelmed as things are coming to a close for you, but relax-it will all make sense eventually. Right now, in August, your only job is to take care of yourself and rest up. Your whole life has shifted and you've experienced a lot of change over the past year. You can finally relax into just being you. Worry about things later if you wish to worry at all.

Your power shade this month is…

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This gentle, refined, sparkling gold is minimal-just how you like-and doesn't overwhelm the senses.

Balance: People are always a concern for you, but spreading yourself too thin to appease others isn't working anymore. You'll need to recalibrate in order to feel more in alignment and in balance-which is not a new vocab word for you. Near the eclipse on the 18th, love will reveal a nice surprise for you. August, in general, is about focusing more on your creative talents and giving birth to something you're fond of.

Your power shade this month is…

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This peachy, delicate shade with confetti inspires you to greater self-love.

Career aspirations: You're moving on up. You're moving into a position of what you want to do, professionally speaking. You've been doing a lot of output with very little input or return-focus on yourself, and you likely feel strapped energetically. To recalibrate your resources efficiently, focus on doing what you love and taking a risk. It will pan out in the long run, and you have a ton of support to help you.В

Your power shade this month is…

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Wearing this yellowish shade of gold keeps you positive.

Resources: You're getting an energy boost in August. The past several months have been intense as you have found that you're more committed to your path. On the 24th, you'll find that you have and want even more responsibility, or at least will look at things realistically versus overtly positively. You will gladly take on more responsibility and benefit more because of it, so don't be too hard on yourself. Things will shift soon, and you'll have more time for adventure.

Your power shade this month is…

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You'll love this deep shade of gold-it's you.

Delving deeper: Expect themes of sensuality, financial changes, and shedding the old-out with the old, in with the new should become your motto for August. Do some research regarding financial matters and even related to your family; you may find a surprise, but at the very least you'll know where you stand. Things get clearer and are looking pretty golden for you this month.

Your power shade this month is…

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Wearing this deeper shade of copper and gold inspires you to follow your heart and look deeper.

Commitment: This month is all relational, whether in business or love. You have a lunar eclipse in your sign on the 18th, so you'll want to be extra sure to take care of your health and to be open to all the changes on the horizon. For an independent sign like you, relationships are hardly on your mind-except that hasn't quite been the case this past year. August is about letting your heart drench itself in love. Don't be afraid-there is a time and place for everything.

Your power shade this month is…

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This sparkling rose gold polish is perfect for any occasion.

Routine: You'll need to make a new career commitment by the 24th of the month-think long-term. You, more than anyone, loves the idea of being self-employed, and you can create that for yourself if you just commit and trust in your abilities. Take a calculated leap of faith on the 24th and watch your garden grow.

Your power shade this month is…

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Wearing this vibrant gold color for the month of August inspires you beyond your limitations.