I Found the 10-Second Way to Make At-Home Nail Art Look Pro

Nail art, when done well, can look incredible. But without the training or a steady hand, nail art can quickly veer into stressful, angst-inducing territory, where you appear as though you've let a small child loose on your nails. You may have been aiming for a Bettina Looney-esque mani, but you'll more than likely end up with something resembling a Jackson Pollock-and not in a good world-famous-artist kind of way. I say this very much from a place of experience.

Nail art also takes time, which we tend not to have a whole lot of. Whether skill or time is the issue, I ask you one question: have you considered nail stickers? Once reserved for kids in the playground, nail stickers have been given a glow-up. These days, nail stickers are a quick and easy way to create a legitimately great mani at home. Wear any of the below and you'll have friends, colleagues and even strangers on the street asking where you got your nails done.

The Coucou Club Coucou Nail Art: The LAKWERK Sheet $11Shop

Lakwerk is Amsterdam's hottest nail bar and they've teamed up with The Coucou Club, an e-tailer based in the same city. Manicurist and Lakwerk's co-founder, Jessica Scholten, has created three different sheets of eye-catching nail stickers. We're crushing on The Lakwerk Sheet.

Whaline Mixed Nail Art Stickers $9Shop

You get over 1000 stickers for just $9 in this set. You may not love every single one, but there are a lot you will love, like these chic leaf designs.

Vika Nail Jam Gel Nail Strip 8F15 $12Shop

With stickers, you need a base and topcoat to ensure they last, but with nail wraps, you just need a nail file. Vika Nail Jam has so many designs to choose from and once applied, you'll look like you're fresh from the nail salon.

Olive & June Hearts $15Shop

Want something beautiful but subtle? These tiny heart stickers from Olive & June will level-up any at-home mani. (They look just as cute on the corners of your eyes if you're feeling a Euphoria-inspired makeup look.)

Macute Nail Decals $9Shop

These beautiful watercolor designs can be placed on every nail, or just your ring finger for something a little more discreet.

Incoco French Manicure Bling Bling $7Shop

French manicures are back in fashion, but with the festive season around the corner, why not try these blingy tips?

Nail Labo Tsumekira Daisy $9Shop

Daisy designs are very '90s, which means they are very on-trend. Randomly place the daisies on your nails: two on some nails, one on others. Ladybirds, optional.

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