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We Tested Our Makeup Brushes for Bacteria, and the Results Were Shocking

Isabella Behravan Yes, we're told time and again that our makeup brushes and sponges are hotbeds for gunk and bacteria. Yes, we know it's best to toss them after a certain amount of time, no matter how diligently we clean them. Yes, as beauty editors, we really should know better. But here's the thing about microscopic particles-it'sВ really easy to adopt an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality.
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How to Meditate If You Have No Idea Where to Begin

Concious Life Shop Let me start by saying this: Meditation doesn't come naturally to me. I have a hard enough time sitting still, let alone getting my mind to do the same. I'm the one who starts wiggling her fingers and toes in final Savasana just moments after I get there. During those last few minutes of yoga when everyone else is focusing on their practice, I'm thinking about my grocery list, appointments that need scheduling, and the status of various work projects.
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